FRG Contract


To join Focus Reading Group you must commit to complete all the terms below during the course.


  • ATTENDANCE: Your attendance will be the main determination of your receiving a certificate. You are required to attend at least 80 % of the FRG meetings including online and offline. If you know you will be absent for a class, you should contact the coordinator prior to your absence. Please inform 2-3 days before and download the available reading materials on our Facebook group.
  • PARTICIPATION: Alongside necessary attendance, participation is your opportunity to interact with one another by active contribution of your thoughts and questions. This is a key component to success since much of the course work, communication (via online discussion or email), and readings are to be completed outside the time we meet.
  • READING AND DISCUSSION: The main activities in this FRG are readings and discussing relevant themes, related experience and implication in society. Your participation will be measured based on your discussion.
  • ASSIGNMENT: All participants are required to write the reflective writing in response to the readings in the form of journal or they can post it in Edmodo.
  • INDIVIDUAL/GROUP PROJECT: In the focus group, there will be opportunity for doing mini research as a part of group project. The activity will be mediated by course facilitators. Every participant is invited to join the project.


If you acknowledge, accept and agree, please fill out the details

Name                    :

Telephone          :

Email                    :

Date                      :







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