Simple yet powerful Tips for Writing

FRG Writing Process that can be useful for your early writing.writing-cycle

The Thinking phase includes looking over your readings, making plans, and conceptualizing. This is where you talk about the work, make senses of the readings, highlights some main points, bring together some main ideas and shape it into an argument.

The Writing Phase is the jump from blank document to prose, the jump from ideas to words. It’s the first draft, it’s ‘generative writing’. It’s all about all about getting enough words onto the page.  Don’t worry if they are not good words. This is just the beginning.

Then there is an Editing phase. Structural Editing involves seeing the work as a whole and working on structure and argument. ‘This paragraph would be better to put here’ and ‘I need to unpack this sentence to explain what I mean here’ are both editing comments.  So is, ‘There is a major gap here that requires more readings and writing’. Editing includes re-writing, arranging, and shaping, as well as writing topic sentences that connect paragraphs to the argument.

Finally there is a Polishing phase, which includes proof-reading (or copy editing), spelling, grammar, punctuation and referencing. This phase involves seeing the work in detail. This is where you adjust your word choices, check that your quote and don’t forget to put the Bibliography.

Do this cycle for writing no less than 500 words.

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